Muscle Building – Become the Muscle Man You Always Dreamed Of!

Building muscles is much easier to do when you are armed with the correct knowledge. Building muscles is every man’s dream, whether it’s for looking good or for strengthening the body. Building muscles is not an effortless task. The best way to keep Father Time or Mother Nature from stealing your skeletal muscles is to work out regularly. Without routinely strength-promoting exercise, the average adult loses about one-half pound of muscle every year after the age of 25, at the same time gaining fat weight. The tricky part about building muscles is that you have to eat in excess when bulking up and then cut back your food intake when trimming the extra unwanted fat and sustaining a sculpted look. The key to building muscles is a good exercise program and well balanced diet. Bodybuilding is a science and building muscles is not an experimental process.


Weight lifting is much more effective for fat loss than aerobics or dieting alone. Weight training with high repetitions of relatively light weights will stimulate and develop muscle fibers. Weight training with heavy weights will develop these muscle fibers and potentially produce significant gains in muscle mass (think of the huge legs you see on world-class sprinters). Weight workouts should ideally be on the heavier side if building muscles is the goal. Weight training for muscle mass also depends on the frequency of the weight training exercises.


Following are a couple of weight lifting tips that I’ve found to be exceptionally effective in building muscles and adding strength as quickly as possible. Most people, when they begin a rep and get trapped near the bottom, they drop the weight against the safety pins or have their spotter help rack it. Instead, they should prolong pushing against that steady weight for a good twenty seconds. While some people can build muscle mass on almost any training routine or diet, most of us can’t. If you get the other components of your training program put together correctly and then add hard work and dedication, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the progress you can make. In order to design an effective weight training program it’s imperative to understand the nitty-gritty of weight lifting. Stressing the muscles, resting, then increasing the stress level placed on the muscles and the repetition of this process (progressive overload) is the basic philosophy behind weight training designed for building muscles. The beauty of only training with weights every few days is that the days in between full-body workouts can be used to add a few cardio sessions instead of relying on ineffective cardio added on at the end of a workout.

Bodybuilding Basics