Body Building Diet Plan – What Foods to Eat to Build Muscle

Great looks is actually a combination of a well planned training program and a suitable body building diet plan. The nutrition scheme, although neglected during the training process, is as important as your workout, because it helps you maintain the muscles you need, lose unnecessary weight, be energetic and keep you fit.

A body building regime is based on the knowledge about what foods to eat to build muscle and the different nutrients you need by including them in your diet plan. If you have an unhealthy eating plan then it is necessary to make some changes. This is essential for you to be well and it is beneficial for your life to avoid disease and be healthy. The information that follows gives you some suggestions to assure you that you can be successful and fulfill your desire if you follow them.

1. Carbs are vital

Muscles that store glycogen require carbohydrates to develop them. Athletic skills can also be maximized with the help of carbohydrates. You should prefer whole wheat over white bread. Around 50-60% of your total calorie intake should be contributed by carbohydrates. Workouts are equally important for this. Some of the foods with heavy carbohydrates content and recommended to be part of your diet are wild rice, oatmeal, potato (baked), pumpkin, bread made of whole wheat, brown rice or a sweet potato.

2. Another essential part of the diet is Protein

This is extremely important in the body buildingĀ Mk 677 for sale process of an athlete. After water, protein is the most abundant substance in the human body. Protein is found practically throughout the entire body, i.e. muscles, skin, bone, blood, etc. Protein is essential for muscle mass build up and training for strengthening your body. Protein rich foods that help you in strength training are many, e.g. turkey, salmon, lean ground beef, cottage cheese (low fat), egg whites, chicken breast, etc.

3. Water is important for workouts and you should drink plenty

Without water, one will not be able to sustain the performance levels in workouts. A glass of water, approximately 8 oz, is essential for 15 to 25 minutes of intensive routines. Water helps to maintain the metabolic rates and help achieve a balance between different types of nutrients. Water also provides help in burning calories faster and more efficiently.